Emerald Surf
Framed original of sunset across the sea. Dark stormy sea at Porthleven. Seascape painting at sunset in rich colours. Expressive landscape in oils of stormy sea at Praa Sands. Original artwork of stormy sea at Porthleven. Fine art print hot fiery sunset over dramatic waves at Sennen Cove. Oil painting of surf breaking at Lands End. Seascape of surfing waves at Sennen Cove Oil on canvas of Porthleven under moonlight. Seascape painting at sunset in rich colours. Gouache painting of Kynance Cove. Wild waves crashing on a remote beach

Latest paintings available from my studio.

New paintings this week of stormy dark seas looking out into the Atlantic. Dramatic Autumnal skies add to the drama. They are painted thickly and boldly in gouache on board using dry brushing. They are framed with the artwork floating in a box type frame behind glass. As the days shorten the storms come.

Ocean waves and dramatic skies painted in all kinds of light using gouache, oil or acrylic.
Sumptuous colours and bold brushstrokes overlaid with delicate detail creating powerful oceanscapes full of atmosphere.

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About the artist.

Living in south west Britain, beautiful West Cornwall has been crucial in my evolvement as a seascape painter. Surrounded by craggy coastline, beaches and stormy winter seas near my home, provides essential source material.

Most of my wave studies are loosely based around the Cornish coast, I say loosely because many are imaginary or mythical, with no reference any specific region or time, others are simply a study of how sunlight and atmosphere interact with the ocean.

Waves break quicker than my hand can sketch so photography plays an essential role. That said, during the creation process I choose to communicate the essence of the sea from memory and experience, intuitively creating serendipitous marks, allowing the materials, colours and impulse to guide the painting.

My aim is to imbue a sense of wonder and enchantment that is sympathetic and calming to the weary soul, giving whoever acquires one of my works a lifetime of pleasure...

Many have said my style is reminiscent of Monet with echoes of Van Gogh particularly when using an impasto technique while others say my paintings have an 'other-worldly' beauty.

Isolated beaches are a recurring theme in Matthew Hedges paintings. His seascapes address waves as the essential subject in an intimate way, emitting a dynamic curiosity and sense of wonder.


Framed Original.