English artist Matthew Hedges started painting more than 25 years ago and has devoted his working life to painting ocean waves in all kinds of light, producing exciting works of art in gouache, and occasionally, oil on canvas. His aim is to capture the texture and detail of the breaking wave with paint applied boldly and overlaid with razor sharp brush strokes.

Originally from London, his intimacy with the ocean began in 1992 when his desire to paint the sea was ignited by winter storms at Kynance Cove on the Lizard. After 4 years studying Illustration at Falmouth School of Art and Design, he had become very at ease with gouache, however the medium he mainly uses today is oil on board.

During the latter years at college he acquired a taste for sci-fi and fantasy art using an airbrush and continued after graduation in the form of moonscapes and spaceart. This resulted in a classy series of illustrations with delicious colours that sweep us off to impossible worlds and unattainable platforms, sadly the target audience was so narrow it just wasn't a success save for the odd magazine cover of Astronomy Now.
The book cover illustrator Tim White was one of his heroes and a great inspiration.

Fig.: Waterwheel. Alien moonscape by Matthew Hedges.

During the late 1990s he experimented with pastels on coloured Canson paper, breaking away from the rigid style and for the first time developing a series of works that were more expressive and impressionistic

Pastel drawing.

His work has sold all around the world, shortly he'll have created his 500th seascape painting.