My aim is to create a unique original artwork to hang on your wall.

Send me some photos of your local beach or sketches to give us an idea of what you are looking for. Alternatively why not have a look on the Waveart website for ideas especially in the 'sold works archive' page. If you see an artwork you like then a commission can be based on that.

This can be any size from about 20 x 30 cm to over 40 x 60 cm for a gouache original or even larger for an oil on canvass. Send me an email at so we can discuss your requirements on an individual basis.

Agreement Contract.

After you've decided on colours, size, medium etc, a written Commission Agreement Contract will be drawn up. It will include the following:- A loose description of the project, Payment terms, Deadlines, Framing.

Painting of surf breaking on a beach under sunset sky. Evening Surf at Portheras Cove.   Medium: Gouache.

Points to Bear in mind when commissioning.

Normally a 50% deposit is payable before work begins with the balance payable on completion. This is to protect the artist's investment in materials and time. Our goal is customer satisfaction and it's very unlikely that you'll be disappointed with the finished artwork however should you decide not to have the artwork the 50% deposit will not be refundable.

Copyright. Many clients will assume that since they are paying / commissioning for the work, they own the reproduction rights to it which is not the case. All rights remain with the artist.

Oil on canvas of wave crashing on a beach at Porthleven. Ocean Shadows.   Medium: Oil on canvas.